Modular Industrial M2M Router and Data Gateway

eWon Flexy

The eWON Flexy is the first industrial modular M2M router and data gateway designed for OEMs and system integrators. The flexibility allows a user to link remote devices in an environment where communication technologies are constantly changing. It also allows universal communication with the most varied field equipment, regardless of the protocol used.

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Key Features

Firewall Friendly

The eWON Flexy uses an outbound connection across the factory LAN (HTTPS port 443 or UDP 1194). This makes the eWON Flexy to be isolated from Internet by working with private IP address, non reachable from the Internet. No IT/firewall changes are needed to establish communication. A key asset that your IT team will appreciate!

High Security

All connections run through industry standard VPN protocols to guarantee a safe and secure connection that prevents network intrusions.

More questions about security? eWON developped a managed, hybrid, layered cyber security approach to protect its devices, network and most importantly, its customers's industrial systems. Discover how security is a core competency fully integrated at every level within the framework of our solution.

Modular Router

The eWON Flexy is a modular router. Thanks to a selection of base modules and extension cards, you will be able to connect to a wide range of industrial devices. The modularity also allows you to keep up with the evolution of communication technology. With the add or the change of an extension card, you get a new connectivity while protecting your first investment.

OPC UA Server

The OPC technology has been embedded into the eWON Flexy to offer an easy and further data integration. The eWON Flexy and its OPC UA server (DA layer) is a promising answer for data communication method in the field of industrial automation, building automation, energy management where this technology is more and more deployed.OPC UA technology offers interoperability between platforms from multiple vendors and enables new machines as well as legacy PLC for IoT integration.

The eWON Flexy OPC server fits perfectly into the SCADA world (infrastructure, water, energy applications, etc.) and furthermore it turns out as a real advantage for providing data to any OPC client (MES, ERP, etc.) into a factory.

Data Services

The eWON Flexy is a data gateway allowing you to monitor and collect your data. Whether you need alarm management and notification, data logging and retrieval, the integration of web server to generate an HMI, the eWON Flexy will allow you to manage your data the best way. The eWON Flexy is even programmable. Discover more in the eWON Flexy data services section.

Web-Based Configuration

All the data services are easily set up by eWON web page configuration. No external software or programming tools are required to configure and build your eWON Flexy solution. You can set up alarming, data logging and data retrieval by HTTPS services in just a few hours!
Flexy Base Units Ordering Information

Flexy 201: 4 x LAN Port

Part Number: Flexy20100

Flexy 202: 1 x LAN Port + 1 x Serial Port

Part Number: Flexy20200

Flexy 203: 1 x LAN Port + 1 x MPI

Part Number: Flexy20300

Flexy 205: 4 x LAN / WAN

Part Number: Flexy20500


Flexy Extension Cards Ordering Information

Flexy Card WAN (Ethernet WAN 10/100Mb)

Part Number: FLX3101

Flexy Card WiFi w/ antenna 802.11bgn for client WAN

Part Number: FLB3271

Flexy Card Cellular + GSM Pentaband (Requires Antenna)

Part Number: FLB3202

Flexy Card Cellular 4G Verizon

Part Number: FLB3203

Flexy Card Cellular 4G North America GSM AT&T, T-Mobile, Bell, Rogers etc.

Part Number: FLB3205

Flexy Card 2 Serial Ports RS232/RS485

Part Number: FLA3301

Flexy Card PSTN Dial Up (Dial up V92 (56k)

Part Number: FLA3501

Flexy Card I/O

Part Number: FLX3402

Flexy Card USB (3 x USB V2.0)

Part Number: FLB3601