DeviceNet Master Gateway

Connect DeviceNet Slave Devices to the DeviceNet Master Gateway

DeviceNet Master

The DeviceNet Master interface can act both as a Master/Scanner and/or Adapter/Slave. The entire DeviceNet protocol is implemented into the module. The module manages control of up to 63 DeviceNet slaves. Full DeviceNet configuration can be defined and loaded into the module via the configuration software NetTool-DN (included free of charge) or via Rockwell´s RSNetWorx.

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Network 1: DeviceNet Master
Network 2: Ordering Part Number
DeviceNet Adapter/Slave VS7811
ControlNet Adapter/Slave VS7812
FIP IO Slave VS7813
Interbus Slave VS7814
Interbus Fiber Optic Slave VS7815
CANopen Slave VS7816
Modbus RTU Slave VS7817
Modbus Plus Slave VS7818
CC-Link Slave VS7819