Ethernet/IP Master Gateway

Connect Ethernet/IP Slave Devices to the Ethernet/IP Master Gateway

Ethernet/IP Master

The EtherNet/IP Scanner interface supports connection of up to 64 adapters (slaves) at 10/100 Mbit/s. The module also supports IT functionality such as Web server, SSI-scripts, E-mail client and FTP-server. Ethernet settings are configurable through the built-in Web server or the software IP configuration utility. The Anybus X-gateway also has on board IP configuration switches. The EtherNet/IP interface module is certified by ODVA and has proven conformance and interoperability with leading PLC’s HMI’s etc. The configuration of the EtherNet/IP network is done with a built in web interface or with RS Networx from Rockwell.

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Network 1: EtherNet/IP Master
Network 2: Ordering Part Number
EtherNet/IP Adapter/Slave VS7831
DeviceNet Adapter/Slave VS7833
ControlNet Adapter/Slave VS7834
FIP IO Slave VS7835
Interbus Slave VS7836
Interbus Fiber Optic Slave VS7837
CANopen Slave VS7838
Modbus RTU Slave VS7839
Modbus Plus Slave VS7840
CC-Link Slave VS7841
LonWorks VS7842