VLC310 Web Server

Monitor and Control your Modbus RTU and TCP devices via your local network



The VLC310 contains an on-board web interface and pages allowing you to remotely monitor and control industrial devices and equipment connected over Ethernet. Its specifically designed for remote connectivity within closed and secure Local Area Networks (LAN).

The user friendly web interface and configurable pages can be accessed using any standard web browser.  In addition, the VLC310 also contains built-in features for alarm handling and data logging. Here you can monitor live equipment values, manage and re-direct alarms, and view logged trend data.

User Manual (PDF 2.18 MB)

Startup Guide (PDF 0.98 MB)

Configuration Software (ZIP 300 KB)

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Features and benefits
  • Internal web interface and webpages for local access (LAN) to equipment data
  • Ideal for use with equipment within secure and closed sites and installations
  • Ability to remote monitor, control, manage alarms and view logged trend data 
  • Device connectivity via Ethernet or Serial RS232 and RS485
  • Extendable with on-board analog and digital I/Os allows signals and sensors to be directly connected to the Netbiter gateway
  • Transparent Modbus RTU to TCP gateway functionality
  • Password restricted access control
  • Integrated ThingWorx connectivity
  • Six status LEDs for detailed diagnostics
  • No licenses / royalties

    Technical specifications
    Housing  Metal  - IP20 rating
    Ethernet interface  10/100 Mbit/s 
    Baud rates  1200-115200 baud 
    Relay Output (max 24 V, AC/DC, 1A)  1
    Digital Inputs  2 (Dry contact) 
    Analog Inputs (PT100, 0-10 V or 0-20 mA)  4, all supporting 0-10 V or 0-20 mA and 2 supporting PT100 
    Serial port #1 RS-232, 1,2 kbit/s up to 115,2 kbit/s
    Serial port #2 (isolated) RS-485, 1,2 kbit/s  up to 115,2 kbit/s
    Max. connected devices 32
    CAN port (non-active) 4-pin screw terminal (for future use only) 
    LAN port (non-active)  RJ45 (for future use only)
    Protocols Modbus-RTU, Modbus TCP
    Proxy support  SOCKS/WEB
    Wall mounting / DIN rail  YES / YES with DIN-rail mounting kit
    Mechanical dimensions (L•W•H)  3.62 x 5.31 x 1.06 inches (92 x 135 x 27 mm)
    Operating temperature  -40 to +65 °C  or  -40 to +149 °F 
    Input voltage range  9-32 VDC 
    Recommend power supply  24 VDC, 25W 
    Power consumption (at max 24 VDC)  2.5 W 
    Certifications  CE, CULUS, RCM,


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