Communicate with Any Device Anywhere

SCADA Servers and Panels with Cloud Access

The VirtualSCADA® SCADA Servers with Cloud Access are wireless modules that can read/write data from modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP compatible devices as well as from an external device or discrete digital-, analog- and temperature-signals to the cloud server. Our SCADA Severs have a built in modem to communicate via the mobile network to the Cloud Server and therefor do not require an onsite Internet connection.

Industrial Communication Gateways

The VirtualSCADA® Anybus communicator family of protocol converters connect non-networked devices to all major industrial networks. The communication gateways are capable of converting almost any standard or user specific proprietary protocol without the need for any hardware or software changes to your device.

Industrial VPN Routers

eWON Industrial VPN routers with direct, WiFi and Cellular connection designed for OEMs and system integrators. Allows universal communication with most field equipment, regardless of the protocol used ...

Building Automation Gateways

The VirtualSCADA® Anybus family of Gateways for Building Automation and energy metering allows you to access your devices via a BACnet/IP network or access M-BUS devices to read electricity, water or gas usage via a Modbus TCP Network

Wireless Bridges

VirtualSCADA® Anybus Wireless Bridge enables you to create a robust wireless connection to an industrial device. The solution is ideal for communication through hazardous areas or hard-to-reach locations where cables cannot be used. Wireless transmission is established via Bluetooth™ or Wireless LAN technology with several versions available for both serial and industrial Ethernet communication.

Network to Network Gateways

With more than 300 individual Master and Slave versions, Our VirtualSCADA® Anybus-X gateways allow you to connect almost any possible combination of industrial networks. The product family supports over 20 different fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks such as Profibus, DeviceNet, CANopen, CC-Link and Modbus as well as Industrial Ethernet versions such as Profinet, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP and EtherCAT.

I/O Expansion Modules

VirtualSCADA® I/O Expansion modules are a collection of analog and discrete I/O modules with Modbus-RTU protocol communication. The modules are ideal for a wide variety of distributed I/O applications including data acquisition and control, process monitoring as well as test and measurement. Designed for industrial applications, the DIN rail mountable VirtualSCADA® I/O expansion modules can be connected in parallel with other Modbus equipment in a multi-drop installation topology or in combination with our SCADA servers.

Web Server Gateways

The VirtualSCADA® standalone web servers allow users to access modbus RTU and Modbus TCP compatible devices via a built-in webserver. Server pages can be customized to show dedicated monitor and control data and can be accessed directly via an Ethernet LAN.

Built-in features include long term data logging, customizable alarms, real-time clock.

USB Serial Converters

USB to serial converters. Available for RS232, RS422 and RS485 serial devices.

PC to CAN Interfaces

The VirtualSCADA® PC/CAN interfaces enable PC applications to access CAN networks with an uniquely variety of different PC interface standards. The customer can select an optimum PC/CAN interface according to the application, performance requirement or required unit costs. More than 10 different PC interface standards are supported, and for many of them, we offer several different CAN boards.

SCADA and Web Server Accessoriesries

Accessories for our SCADA Products such as Ultrasonic Tank Sensors, GPS Toolkits, Antennas, Extension Cables, Din-Rail Mounting kits, etc...